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Our mission at GRID is to get riders as excited about electric motorcycles as we are.

Electric motorcycles are here to stay - That's good. 

Electric motorcycles available today are styled to match their futuristic technology - That's not so good. 


At GRID - we're taking classic elements from iconic custom motorcycles we love & fusing them with the latest electric motorcycle technology. Bringing you beautifully crafted electric motorcycles that look amazing, are a joy to ride & put a big fucking smile on your face. As every motorcycle should do.

Grid Cycles links riders with the very best Electric Motorcycles available, and offers hand-built unique and character-filled electric motorcycles that will drive a positive change in our community - one bike at a time. 


The team at GRID love motorcycles - riding , building  them and meeting up with other people that share our enthusiasm. But we don't want our passion for motorcycles to mean future generations don't get to enjoy the same diversity, climate and freedom that many take for granted today.

Switch On with Grid Cycles, and let us help you take the next step on 2 wheels. 

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