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Zero SR

Why we love to use this bike: A great balance between power, range and value. It's not going to break the bank but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Propelled by the industry’s most advanced tech, the Z-Force® powertrain slingshots you forward. No shifting. All torque. Just smooth acceleration at the twist of a throttle. The Zero S strips away the noise, fumes and vibration so all you feel is the uninterrupted flow of the ride.

Transform performance profiles with the press of a button to perfectly conquer city streets, urban arteries or twisty back roads. The Zero S is pre-programmed with Eco or Sport modes. Connect using your mobile device to customize performance or get stats on your ride. 

The Charge Tank option funnels up to 85 miles of riding into the Zero S for every hour of charging when plugged into a Level 2 charge station. One cup of coffee now equals ~30 miles of riding. Or, charge fully in as little as an hour depending on battery size.

No special charging equipment required. Your standard household outlets just became “fueling” stations that deliver daily rides at a fraction of the cost of gasoline. Plug in at night and start every day with a full “tank.”

City Range: 359 KMs

Combined Range: 193 KMs

Top Speed: 164 KMPH

Peak Torque: 157 Nm

Max Power Capacity: 7.2 kWh

Charge Time Standard: 9.8 hours

Charge Time Optimum: 2 hours

Low maintenance 100% ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN


Curb weight: 208 KG

Generation 9 ABS BOSCH

Seat height: 81cm

Warranty: 5 YEARS/UNLIMITED KMs Engine

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