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1. ​ Which Grid Motorcycles can I get in Australia?

Our first 2 completed custom electric motorcycles are the Street Tracker and Dirt Tracker. You can order the Street Tracker now. You can also pre-order our concept Adventurer, Super Moto, Café and Flat Tracker bikes. The Dirt Tracker is not currently available in Australia due to KTM import limitations but we are working on changing this. We may be able to import a used KTM from Europe if you are really desperate to get this bike. Contact our Sales team for more info.

2. Where do your platform motorcycles come from?

We import new, ex-demo and used electric motorcycles from English Electric Motor Co based in the UK. They are official distributors of all the motorcycle brands we stock. You can state your preference for a new or used motorcycle when selecting which bike you want to order.

3. Can I order stock electric motorcycles?

Yes - please see our partner site AEMC for stock electric motorcycles:

4. Are these motorcycles road-legal in Australia?

Yes - all of our motorcycles are Compliance Approved in Australia and come with road registration/plates for your State. 

5.  When will I be able to buy one of these bikes in Australia?

Our test models will land in Australia at the start of July for Compliance Approval. This means you should be able to check out and test our demo bikes at the start of August 2021. If you would like to place an order for one of these motorcycles, we are aiming to deliver from mid-September 2021.

6. What demo electric motorcycles can I test ride?

We have 6 demo models in Australia which you can ride and experience. They are:

  • Zero Custom Street Tracker

  • KTM Custom Dirt Tracker

  • Zero FXS

  • Zero DSR Black Forest

  • Zero SR/F

  • Energica Ribelle RS

7.  Where can I test ride the bikes?

From August our test models will be located at our partner garage Purpose Built Moto in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland. The address is 6/14 Rothcote Ct, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220. You will be able to book a test ride on our website soon. Or you can just pop in to have a chat with our team! For test rides please bring your drivers license and motorcycle helmet.

8. Can I get a bike delivered outside of Queensland?

Yes! We will be delivering bikes nationwide from September. The cost of delivery will be quoted when you purchase your bike online or at our shop. Metro delivery in Australia will cost roughly $500 and will take 2-4 weeks.

9. How does Warranty and Servicing work?

All of our bikes will come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. If you encounter a problem with your bike – we will diagnose and fix the issue on site in Burleigh Heads and supply you with a complimentary replacement electric motorcycle until the issue has been resolved. You can also purchase a servicing package with your bike which will cover any servicing costs in the first 3 years you own the bike. If you don’t live within close proximity to our HQ in the Gold Coast, we will instruct you where our nearest warranty and service partner is to you prior to you completing your bike purchase. We are currently developing our service network partnerships and hope to be able to service all major cities and surrounding areas in Australia by the end of this year.

10. Will there be other Grid custom electric motorcycles available? 

Yes! We are just getting started here. It makes sense for us to start with the most established electric motorcycle platforms – these bikes are proven performers in other markets like USA and Europe.  But also have an eye on a lot of the other exciting bikes being developed and sold in other regions. These include the RGNT Scrambler, Sondors Metacycle, Pursang Tracker, Switch e-Tracker, Horwin and others. We are talking to those manufacturers and will work on Compliance Approval for Australia. We hope to be able to offer some of those bikes in early 2022.

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