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Energica Eva Ribelle RS

Why we love to use this bike: This is the best of the best of electric motorcycles. The longest range bike we stock and top performance with high-end parts. If you want the best of the best and price has no limit - this is what you want.

The Energica EVA Ribelle RS is the naked version of the Energica EGO, with more torque, power, acceleration, and range. The RS version features mapping and parametrization improvements of the VCU, straight from MotoE™ experience, to deliver an impressive acceleration time.

The changes lop down two-tenths of a second off the bike’s 0-100 km/h – 0-60mph time, bringing it to a terrific 2.6 seconds!

To handle this extraordinary power the final drive chain has been beefed up to a Regina 15/44 525 O-Ring Chain. Energica motorcycles use a high-energy lithium polymer (Li-NMC) battery.

The battery pack is an intelligent device with its own electrical brain, comprising dozens of sensors and electromechanical devices that constitute a closed subsystem to ensure maximum vehicle performance and driver safety in all environmental conditions. Energica has designed a cooling system for the battery pack that is superior thanks to its specific ventilation paths that limit the stress of the batteries. This provides considerable benefits to both performance of the vehicle and the life of the battery.

City Range: 400 KMs

Combined Range: 230 KMs

Top Speed: 200 KMPH (Limited)

Peak Torque: 215 Nm

Max Power Capacity: 7.2 kWh

Charge Time Standard: 9.7 hours

Charge Time Optimum: 1.8 hours

Riding Modes: 4 - Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport​

Curb weight: 270 KG

Seat height: 79cm

Warranty: 2 YEARS BIKE, 3 YEARS/50,000 KMs Battery

Energica Eva Ribelle RS.jpg
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