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Street Tracker
From $40,000 AUD

Built on the prolific Zero SR platform, the Grid Cycles ST01 ignites the passion of the past, then jams some cutting edge tech in there. 

With a range of 260KM, and a charge available at any standard wall socket. This powerful street tracker goes far and goes fast. 

Built with upright sport ride position and nostalgic tracker styling, the ST01 begs to be pushed to its limit.  

Perfectly suited to any rider looking for that adrenalin filled weekend blast. Just hit the switch and rip the throttle on, you won't have time to look back.


Contact Grid Cycles for more info and to book a test ride on the Zero SR Tracker. Or click below to order the GRID Street Tracker:

Platform bike: Zero SR

GRID Street Tracker front third side.jpg
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