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GRID Featured in the Best Custom Motorcycle Builders

Well shucks - we're blushing 😊😍

GRID Cycles / Purpose Built Moto have made it on to Luxe Digital's list of the Best Custom Motorcycle Builders. Admittedly, GRID being featured on that list is largely thanks to the amazing work Tom and the team at Purpose Built Moto have been pumping out over the last 5 years:

This recently produced Yamaha XS650 showcased just what the team at PBM can do when given free reigns in design and fabrication. It's half art half motorcycle - and we fucking love it!

Who are Luxe Digital? A global team of luxury industry digital insiders who bring the very best of everything to people who want to shake up the status quo. Well that's right up our alley ⚡

Being featured by Luxe Digital shows there's a real interest in the wider community in Electric Motorcycles and our vision here at GRID Cycles - to make Electric Motorcycles more appealing to everyone. Some of the other bike builders on that list have been at the top of their game for decades and are real game-changers when it comes to what can be done with a motorcycle. At GRID we're looking to push the boundaries of what an Electric Motorcycle can look like - without losing the appeal of classic custom motorcycles.

Which is a nice segue on to what GRID are working on next....

We have a shipment of 16 Zero and 3 Energica Motorcycles coming to us from Europe in the next 3 months. That shipment contains a variety of bike styles - naked street, sports, supermotard and adventure bikes. It's early days but here are some classic customs we're leaning towards for inspiration for our next batch of GRID Cycles:

Got some ideas on what you'd like to see GRID working on next? Shoot us an email or leave a comment here.

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