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We Repaired This Electric Motorcycle After the NSW Foods

When this electric motorbike seemed damaged beyond repair we were able to assist the owner get it back on the road.

When the floods hit Northern NSW we were lucky to be spared the brunt of it. When the water cleared we got a call from a rider down in Byron who needed some help. In 2020 he had bought a Cake OR in Sydney and had it brought up to use on his property. During the floods the bike was fully submerged in his garage - it was how we say in the biz, cactus.

After they cleaned up the garage and were able to get to the bike, not surprisingly it wouldn’t start. They came to us for help because we were the only ones around to talk about electric motorcycle repairs. We don’t stock the Cake brand at AEMC, but we will do what we can to help with any electric motorcycle.

We took the bike apart and contacted Cake in Sweden to help us troubleshoot the repairs. We found that while the motor was fine, it was the battery and the other electrical components that were the center of the problem. After the bike had been rescued from the flooded garage, trying to start the bike that completely fried its systems.

We ordered the replacement parts directly from Cake and got them sent to us in Burleigh to get to work fitting them for the customer. We were able to get the bike running again without too much hassle.

Once we finished replacing all the major electrical components we set to work giving every piece of the bike a thorough clean. We replaced the tires, fitted a custom front fender and some body work. The rest of the bike was in pretty good shape, which is pretty lucky considering how hectic flood damaged motorbikes can be. The repaired Cake OR was now ready to head back to its owners as a state of the art chook chaser.

The Cake OR is a pretty awesome bike all-around. It's the sport model of the Cake family and it comes with some pretty high quality manufacturing. They aren’t road legal in Australia so they can only be used in either designated off road riding areas, or on private property. Which is a shame because if they had gone through the road approval process by chucking on some headlights, indicators and dealing with a mountain of paperwork this would be a fun suburban run around.

Of course being an electric motorbike, you can expect great torque and speed while riding. This model of Cake can reach up to 100 km/h and has a riding range of about 80km. The suspension system on the OR is pretty impressive, essential for off road use.

The bikes owner was stoked that a bit of flood damage wasn’t the end of his bike. Electric motorcycle repair is a pretty new field so we’re stoked we could help out in this case. We’re working on building a network of electric motorcycle service partners and repairers across Australia to support electric bike owners.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about electric motorbike repair.

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